August 18, 2006

Jonathan Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer and President

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

4150 Network Circle

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Dear Mr. Schwartz,

I am writing to request your assistance in resolving my service request with Sun Service.

On April 20th, I read an announcement from the Mozilla Foundation about serious security vulnerabilities in their web browser software. As Sun provides the Mozilla browser with its Solaris operating system, I immediately went to Sun's self-support portal, SunSolve, to determine whether Sun's version, SUNWmozilla, was also vulnerable. I was unable to find a current SunAlert security statement regarding SUNWmozilla. As I have support contracts with Sun, I then opened service request 64991874 via Sun's Online Service Center (OSC) requesting information about whether the potential security problems had been evaluated by Sun. Soon after opening the case, I received an e-mail from OSC notifying me that support engineer, Romesh Santhiapillai, was assigned to my case. Two weeks later, he still had not obtained Engineering's evaluation of the Mozilla advisory, a temporary patch, or a projection when fixes might be provided by Sun.

On August 16th, Sun Service released a patch addressing the April group of vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, the updated SUNWmozilla crashes when visiting Yahoo!. Will I have to wait another four months before Sun fixes this new bug?

During the May 12th 2005 NC05Q2 web chat with yourself and other Sun executives, Subodh Bapat, Vice President, Customer Network Services, stated the following:

Sun has a goal of promptly issuing SunAlerts as soon as any known security vulnerabilities are known. Appropriate security fixes/patches are issued promptly as soon as they are available. We follow this policy this policy for all products.

I quoted those words in a 2005 letter to Don Grantham, Executive Vice President, Sun Services, about a similar issue regarding JDS/Solaris security vulnerabilities. While I believe his intervention was helpful in getting that case resolved, he apparently was unable to implement needed structural reforms. I hope that you will have better success in assuring that the Engineering and Services team can meet this basic customer service expectation.

Thank you.

John Groenveld

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