Save-Solaris-x86.ORG is currently powered by a Dell PowerEdge 6400, a quad Intel Pentium III Xeon 700 workgroup server with PERC3/QC RAID. The system was originally purchased as part of a proposal which called for a Windows NT server. It was quickly transitioned to Solaris.

Currently Save-Solaris-x86.ORG is running Solaris 7 x86 while AMI (now LSI Logic) corrects problems with their driver under Solaris 8.

The webserver is Apache+modperl+Mason with an Oracle 8.0.6 database backend.

The letter to Sun was written on a Toshiba Tecra 8100 running Solaris 8 and StarOffice 5.2 (StarWriter along with the original signature list in StarCalc).

Personal Appeal to Jonathan Schwartz 2006-08-18 Jonathan Schwartz NC05Q3 Webchat 2005-09-15
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Reply to Curtis Sasaki 2003-10-20 Second Email from Curtis Sasaki 2003-10-19 Reply to Curtis Sasaki 2003-10-19
Email from Curtis Sasaki 2003-10-19 Reply to Curtis Sasaki 2003-10-16 Email from Curtis Sasaki 2003-10-15
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Letter to Judith Estrin 2003-02-12 Reply to John Loiacono 2002-09-07 Email from John Loiacono 2002-09-04
2002-09-03 Ad Response from Patricia Sueltz to 2002-03-21 Letter to the Board 2002-05-21 Letter to Neil Knox 2002-05-01
Personal Appeal to John Loiacono 2002-04-17 Personal Appeal to Bill Joy 2002-04-15 Personal Appeal to Thomas Kreidler 2002-04-08
Letter to the Board of Directors 2002-03-21 Personal Appeal to Ed Zander 2002-03-18 Letter to Scott McNealy 2002-01-10
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